This Austin Market Is Hosting A Massive Taiwanese Food Festival This Month

Free tastes for everyone!
Austin's Taiwan Food Festival Will Be This Month

If a trip to Taiwan is not in your near future, unfortunately, you're not the only one. The urge to travel to different places in the world has overcome us all at some point and sadly we can only afford to scratch the wanderlust itch every so often. This month, Texans from all over will be able to check Taiwan off their lists because none other than a Taiwan food festival is coming to Austin!

On Saturday, October 19 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., one of Austin's favorite places, 99 Ranch Market, will be transformed into Fantastic Flavors of Taiwan, their 2019 Taiwan Food Festival. At the festival, your day will be filled with authentic Taiwanese food, live music, drink sampling, and so much more. The best part about it all? It's free!

There's no reason to stay home on a Saturday when something as fun as this is taking place. 99 Ranch Market sells delicious food on a daily basis, and they know we love it. Now the market is taking this opportunity to bring all of Austin together for a day of eating, drinking, and having fun.

Austin is all about having food from around the world within walking distance, so it's no surprise that a Taiwan food festival would pop up this month. While we're waiting for that awesome chicken festival in November, we can get our bellies stuffed now with otherworldly food. Start prepping your friends for some of the most delicious eats in the world and to leave just slightly tipsy with all that drink sampling! 

Fantastic Flavors of Taiwan-2019 Taiwan Food Festival

Price: Free!

When: Saturday, October 19 

Address: 6929 Airport Blvd, Austin, Texas 78752

Why You Need To Go: You might not be able to travel to Taiwan, but 99 Ranch Market is making it so much easier to get the experience with this incredible fest.

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