Austin's Tim Burton Beetlejuice Celebration Is Coming This Month

It should come as no surprise that people are still huge fans of Tim Burton's iconic Beetlejuice. Whether you grew up watching the movie or just recently saw it for the first time, becoming a fan is inevitable, especially when Michael Keaton is killing the role. This month, a Beetlejuice celebration in Austin is taking place and inviting fans from all over to come out and party in preparation for the New Year.

One Big Dark Room: A Beetlejuice Celebration is being held on Saturday, December 28 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The event will be at Elysium Austin, hosted by DJ Neph as well as several other DJs.

These names may look familiar, and that's because they've actually hosted several Tim Burton-themed parties before.

We're right there with them when it comes to being obsessed with Tim Burton! No matter what time of the year it is.  

Tickets are $9 for now and will go up to $13 on the day of the event. 

The early bird gets the worm and in this case, the early bird gets cheaper tickets.

You're also able to purchase tickets at the door so if you decide to go last minute, you'll be good to go.

The only requirement is that you can't bring the kids, as this Beetlejuice celebration is 18+ only!

Dressing up for the night is highly recommended, whether you're in all black or as a Beetlejuice character. As long as you're dressed to impress, you'll fit right in.

Special themed go-go dancers will be there to entertain, as well as numerous DJs to get everyone dancing and having a good time. 

Before midnight, everyone will say his name three times to see if he appears, and we can only hope that he does.

You know who we're talking about!

One Big Dark Room: A Beetlejuice Celebration

Price: $9 - $13

When: Saturday, December 28 

Address: 705 Red River St, Austin, Texas

Why You Need To Go: To show your love and appreciation for Tim Burton's most iconic film and our favorite character that he's created.

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