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Austin Is Getting Two Wild New Bars With Bowling & Bull-Riding This Coming Year

These activities are dangerously fun after a few drinks.

Austin, Texas is a popular city to visit, live in, and take a day trip to with your friends. We have several sneaking suspicions as to why that might be, but one stands out more than the rest, and that is all of the crazy, fun bars and eateries that reside in the city. Get ready because we're getting not one, but two new bowling and bull-riding bars in Austin early next year, and these aren't the only two activities you'll be able to enjoy while there. 

Bull & Bowl is the name of the most exciting thing to happen to Austin in 2020.

The establishment is the first-ever duckpin bowling alley, bar, bistro, and mechanical bull venue to exist, and Austin is lucky enough to be getting two of them!

In case you're wondering what the heck duckpin bowling is, we'll get right to it.

The short answer is that it's even better than just regular 'ole bowling, and the long answer is that it involves a smaller ball and shorter lanes, to make the sport even more challenging.

Now, for the bull-riding.

What better activity to take part in after a few drinks than bull-riding?

Whoever you decide to come out with to Bull & Bowl with once it's open, you'll have a good laugh seeing them fall over once or twice.

It's kind of inevitable, but also insanely fun.

We can expect to see at least one of the Bull & Bowl locations open for business either in late February or early March, which will be here before we know it.

Food, drink, billiards tables, private karaoke rooms, and much more will also be at each Bull & Bowl location.

This is truly the adult playground we've been waiting for, after all, Houston shouldn't be able to steal all the fun for themselves!

Check this place out to see what we're talking about.

We'll keep our peepers peeled for a set opening date on Bull & Bowl, and so should you!

You'll wanna be one of the first in line at a place like this.

Bull & Bowl

Price: TBA

When: Early 2020

Address: 501 West 6th Street & 10035 Manchaca Road, Austin, Texas 

Why You Need To Go: This bar is going to be Austin's newest hot spot, which is why the owners are opening not one, but two locations next year!