From speeding around the Texas capitol to teetering between annoying pedestrians and slow road vehicles, scooters like Lime and Bird have made their mark across the state. But all this scooting has made us tired. So tired, in fact, that we now are bringing rentable mopeds by OjO Electric into style.

OjO Electric introduced ride share sit down scooters to three cities in the U.S, and, of course, two of them are in Texas. Austin, Dallas, and Hoboken are among the first cities to have sit-down riders avaliable for rent.

The company officially launched in Dallas at the start of June, and they've slowly been popping up around the city ever since.  Plus, they're planning on expanding to more cities. Even Lady Gaga is a fan.

And butt cushions aren't all OjO scooters have to offer. These scooters are decked out featuring blue tooth speakers, phone chargers, and a basket (why are we just now getting a basket?!).

They'll plow up to 20 miles per hour, but you must be at least 18 years old to ride one. The starting rate to unlock OjO is $1.25, which is slightly pricer than Lime, but did you really expect to get to pull up to work blaring Old Town Road for no extra charge?

Same rules apply as the traditional electric scooters and classic bikes—you don't fit in with the pedestrians and you don't fit in with the cars either. Not even smart cars, bless their heart. Young adults are used to that anyway, right?

So stay in the bike lane, off the sidewalks, and obey the laws of traffic just the same. All you need to do is download the app, hook up your card, snap a photo of your license, and—well, you know the drill.

With all the Lizzie McGuire Movie vibes this brings, allow me to remind you—OjO scooters are single-person riders only, we're not in Rome, and Paolo was really unqualified to drive that thing anyway.