New Study Reveals That 36% More Californians Are Moving To Texas, But Not To Austin

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Californians Moving To Texas Cities Is The New Wave But Austin Isn't In Danger

Texans, especially Austinites, are notorious for complaining about newcomers. And it's not because Austinites don't love their fellow locals, instead, it's because of how overcrowded their city, as well as other Texas cities, are becoming. It turns out, some Texas city populations may have Californians to blame, but Austin isn't one of them.

According to Texas REALTORS, the number of Californians moving to Texas increased tremendously back in 2018, which was the first indicator.

In 2018, the number of Californians in Texas increased by a whopping 36.4%.

This is the most recent year the data is available, though we should expect a more recent update sometime in the future.

Now, the question is just where in Texas are these Californians moving to?

Not to Austin!

Twitter user jlolea isn't alone in their plea of "Please don't move to Austin," and luckily there's no need to worry over Californians following suit of everyone else.

Of all 86,164 Californians moving to Texas these past few years, they're mostly steering clear of the growing capital city.

Maybe it's the need to get away from a big city like Los Angeles or Santa Monica, or maybe it's just a clash of personalities.

Whatever the case may be, Austinites are grateful.

momogroypstan tweeted out that they want nothing more than to "Keep Texas Texan" in response to dayblindstar's tweet saying "I live in Texas and welcome Californians."

In that same tweet, momogroypstan suggested Austin, El Paso, or Houston as the designated cities for Californians, so it's safe to assume they don't live in Austin.

Otherwise, that tweet would be much different.

All in all, it seems like the Lone Star State might be more divided over Californians moving there than we thought.

Yuhimeeee's tweet depicting what it's like to go from not being Texan to being Texan is pretty much all of us.

Harris County, Dallas, Tarrant Country, and Bexar County are listed in the Texas REALTORS study as the places most popular with Californians.

Overall, Texas was second to Florida in relocation activity for 2018.

Can we really be that surprised though? After all, everything's bigger in Texas.


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