Campfire Churros Are Totally A Thing And This Tasty Austin Dessert Spot Serves Them

Sitting by a campfire on a hot summer day isn't the most ideal situation. But there's no doubt a fun sense of nostalgia comes over everyone who thinks of marshmallows and ghost stories. This summer, awesome memories and tasty treats are in arm's reach at Churro Co. This iconic Austin food truck has "Campfire" churros that'll take you back to a camping trip you once took, and if camping isn't for you then this is the way to get the experience without any annoying bug bites. 

Their Campfire churros come with churros tossed in graham cracker sugar, topped with Mexican chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and torched marshmallows. While these churros are possibly the tastiest and most iconic treat on their menu, they have plenty more to choose from. From Rico Suave to Wake-N-Bake, you have options fit for nutella fiends, coffee addicts and more. There's never been a better way to eat churros. 

Churro Co. has tons of photo ops all around their food truck, perfect for taking pictures of your churro masterpieces. Texas has never quite gotten churros right, or if they have, they're typically the plain and simple kind rather than the ones that have loads of toppings to cover your sweet, sugary treat. Churro Co has thought of it all and your Instagram will show off just that. They're only open certain days of the week so be sure check your calendar before you go!

Churro Co. is closed Monday to Wednesday but is open the rest of the week starting at 1 PM. On Thursday and Sunday they close at 9 pm but on Friday and Saturday they stay open a tad later until 11 pm. So now you can get your "campfire" on day and night! There's plenty of seating around the food truck if you'd like to stay and hangout, and maybe even share some ghost stories. 

For a full look at their menu visit their website to check it all out and more! Churro Co. is located at 1906 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704.