If you haven't taken a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana yet, then you are seriously missing out. NOLA has something for everyone, and just because the temperatures are dropping doesn't mean it's not an ideal vacation destination right now. Cheap flights from Austin to New Orleans are finally available, but you have to buy them today!

Frontier Airlines is having a deal right now for $15 flights to New Orleans, Louisiana from Austin, Texas. The deal is only for today, but don't worry, that doesn't mean you have to hop on a plane right away. If you decide to take advantage of the deal and buy your tickets today, you can fly there from now until Monday, December 18. There's still plenty of time to request off from work and plan your vacation, all you have to worry about is planning the date and buying the ticket.

The deal applies whether you're flying to New Orleans or back from New Orleans, which means you can easily find $30 round trip flights. If you're like me and don't plan on running away to NOLA forever (sadly), then it's just as cheap to come back to good 'ole Texas. Or for those Louisianans out there that want to experience the Lone Star State, now you can!

If this is still way too impulsive of a decision for you, we completely understand. Fortunately, Frontier has a slightly pricier (but still fairly cheap) deal where you can get tickets to or from New Orleans for just $39 per way until Saturday, November 30. Blackout days do apply for both deals, so we recommend checking out Frontier's website to ensure those aren't the dates you're trying to go.

Extra fees do apply for baggage and seat selection, though small purses and backpacks are free, and you can always take the randomly assigned seat Frontier chooses for you. The more you can save the better because Bourbon Street is way too hard to resist. We'll see you there, and of course, the French Quarter!

Flights From Austin To New Orleans

Original Price: $79 - $261

Sale Price: $15 per way and $30 round trip

Why You Need It: New Orleans is just as much fun during this time of year, and you'll be saving tons of money while getting just as amazing of an experience if you buy your tickets today!