Downtown Austin Has A New Interactive Pop-Up Studio With An Endless Glow-In-The-Dark Ball Pit

The new instagrammable pop-up art display is now open in Austin.
Downtown Austin Has A New Interactive Pop-Up Studio With An Endless Glow-In-The-Dark Ball Pit

An incredible neon pop-up studio is open in Austin for the remainder of March and you have to go check it out. The Hopscotch Light and Sound immersive art experience is an interactive studio where guests can play with a variety of spectacular tech, props, light displays, and VR. There is also a fantastic glow-in-the-dark ball pit that will definitely leave you mesmerized. 

Hopscotch: Light & Sound is a unique pop-up art experience like no other. The venue has 13 different incredible interactive art installations created by a lineup of experienced local artists. Some installations include the "Matrix", a room full of magical floating lights, the glowing ball pit that never seems to end, the massive "Balloon Cloud", the "Neon Scream" and many more. 

The art exhibit allows artists to express their most creative ideas using their best assets, so there are displays featuring all of the human senses, from insane sound experiences to virtual reality to light shows. The exhibit is more than just a spot to take the coolest pictures ever, it is also a place to experience the magic of light, sound, and technology.

If you are looking for the absolutely perfect spot for Instagram photos, or just want to experience a night of glow-in-the-dark fun with your friends, the Hopscotch: Light and Sound art display is the perfect place to be. 

The stunning neon art exhibit is located in central Austin in a 10,000 sq ft warehouse space that gives its guests the best ability to interact with and enjoy all of their colorful, unique surroundings.

Adult tickets are on sale now for $23 per person, and child tickets are $15. After 7 pm, admission is for 18 and up only. Get your tickets on their website now before they sell out for the rest of the month!

The Hopscotch: Light and Sound art experience is located at 6100 Airport BlvdAustin, TX 78752. 

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