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Downtown Austin Just Got An Insane New Art Installation And It's 100 Feet Tall (PHOTOS)

The tallest new colorful art exhibit in Austin was just completed.

Austin, Texas has an incredible and unique art scene in the city that locals and tourists love and enjoy. There is now a new giant art piece on 2nd and Brazos that makes a major contribution to the artistic vibe of the city. The new 100 feet tall downtown mural "Tau Ceti" was just completed and revealed to the public as the new tallest art installation in the city, and it is gorgeous.

The art installation Tau Ceti was created by local artist Josef Kristofoletti, who loves to incorporate the themes and colors of nature and space into his art. The entire 100 feet of the mural was completed in about 5 weeks, and painted completely by hand!

The beautiful art installation is named after a star in the constellation Cetus, which has a similar infrared spectrum to our sun. The colors of the art display are deeply inspired by the color spectrum of the stars, which is why it is so vibrant and absolutely captivating to look at.

The unique color patterns in the mural were designed to reflect the natural sunlight off of the surrounding building walls to change colors and appearances throughout the day.

Locals and tourists alike are all having a blast visiting the new mural and getting some of the coolest shots of it. The wall is so expansive and unique in its design that no two photos look the same. This is an amazing spot that any art enthusiast, photographer, tourist or local needs to check out.

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The incredible new art display is proudly presented at the intersection of Second and Brazos streets in the corner of a giant parking garage. Be sure to stop by!