Exciting treats come to Austin all the time, it's part of what makes living in or visiting this city so wonderful. Just when you think it's as good as it can get, it gets better! Which is exactly what's happening this week, a very special guest is in town and you don't want to miss their visit. Milk Bar is staying until Sunday, and if you haven't had your cheat day already, you totally will now.

Milk Bar is a bakery that has locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, Las Vegas, and even Toronto! A permanent bakery opening in Austin may be in the works soon, but for now the city is blessed with a pop-up truck of the famous bakery. They're famous for their cereal milk soft serve which you can add toppings to such as sprinkles, different types of cereal, graham crackers, and even potato chips thanks to their brand new compost cookie soft serve. Cereal milk is a flavor many are familiar with, but it's never been consumed quite like this before. 

Aside from their delicious cereal milk soft serve, Milk Bar's in-store menu consists of many other glorious treats appropriate for the AM or PM. Milk Bar Pies, Milk Bar layer cakes, shakes, truffles, cookies, you name it! Milk Bar has it. These deserts have brought a new meaning to the word craving, because you won't ever be able to stop. The pop-up Milk Bar truck in Austin won't have everything their in-store menu does, but they'll certainly have plenty to choose from. I wonder what a ticket to Toronto costs these days!

The three locations that are left for Milk Bar to be at this week are Franklin Barbecue on Thursday, Gati on Friday, and Austin Motel on Saturday and Sunday. There's plenty of time to stop by and see what the hype is all about, so hurry and move it to the top of your list of things to-do. Their unique desert treats are exactly what Austin needs in it's life, permanently! Austinites can only hope. 

For a full look at their Austin schedule and any updates, you can visit their Instagram page and click on their "ATX" story for the 411.