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You Can Stay In A Luxury Yurt Near This Beautiful Blue Swimming Hole Near Austin

A trip to Mongolia is closer than you think!
You Can Stay In A Luxury Yurt Near This Beautiful Blue Swimming Hole Near Austin

A plane ticket to somewhere magical like Mongolia can cost hundreds of dollars and be quite the hassle - something no one wants to experience during a relaxing summer vacation. The urge to travel the world can overcome this at times, but if there's a way to experience another country in the comfort of your own city, then that's by far the way to go. Glamping Hub has an incredible listing for a yurt rental near Austin! Save those passports for another time. 

For up to two nights you can stay in the most adorable yurt in arguably the most adorable city in Texas. Wimberley is just a short drive from Austin and there's truly no better place to spend the night with your S/O or your BFF! You can do all kinds of things throughout the day during your stay, Wimberley does not disappoint. 

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After lounging around at your yurt in the super adorable hammocks, laying out in the jacuzzi, or taking advantage of any of the owner's other accommodations, the next step is exploring!

Blue Hole Regional Park is just a short drive from the Glamping Hub and has everything you need out of a nice summer day. Remember, even when you have to leave this oasis you'll have another one waiting for you!

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The rental is available for $238 per night (for two friends that's only $119 a night!), and if anything happens you can always get your money back with at least a 24-hour notice. There's no need to rush or feel pressured during your summer. And this is the ultimate way to make it the magical one you've always hoped for.

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Yurt Rental

Price: 💸💸

Address: Wimberley, Texas

Why you need to go: This rental is absolutely precious! You'll save tons of money while feeling like you're in another country the entire time. Texas is truly amazing.  


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