Texas Governor Greg Abbott just announced his detailed plan on how he intends to reopen Texas during a news conference on Monday. Abbott announced that his previous stay-at-home order, which was set to expire on Thursday, April 30, will not be renewed. Abbott's plan on how to reopen Texas will be implemented in phases and is set to begin as early as Friday, May 1.

Once Texas' stay-at-home order expires, businesses will be able to open back up the following day. 

Restaurants, malls, movie theaters and retail stores are among the many businesses to qualify for reopening on Friday.

Before the big announcement of what businesses would be able to reopen, Abbott had lots of positive things to say about how Texans, and Texas as a whole, are handling the pandemic.

"Texas has the third most recoveries from COVID-19 in America," said Abbott. "We must come together to rebuild the lives and livelihoods of our fellow Texans."

Soon after, he began to explain that Texas would reopen in phases.

Phase one, which begins Friday, will not only allow restaurants, malls, retail shops, and movie theatres to open, but churches, museums, and libraries as well.

The occupancies for each business must remain at 25% until phase two is implemented.

Phase two will allow for these businesses to reach 50% occupancies, although the State will only go forward with the second phase provided that we contain the spread of COVID-19 with two continuous weeks of improvement. It is slated to being on May 18.

Occupancy rules will be enforced by up to a $1,000 fine and 180 days in jail. Restaurant owners can also lose their license to own a business. 

Abbott also included that highly anticipated services like hair and nail salons may be able to open mid-May, but there is no confirmed date set on that yet.

If all goes well with containing the spread of the virus, Texas will be fully reopened very soon.