Texas officially began phase one of Governor Greg Abbott's plan to reopen Texas today, Friday, May 1. The first phase of the plan allows businesses such as restaurants, retailers, movie theaters, and more to operate at 25% capacity, which means that more people are on the road now than they have been in weeks. This has caused every Texan's favorite highway, I-35, to once again be backed up and give drivers in Texas a major traffic headache. 

According to the Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) highway conditions resource, there's quite a bit of traffic along I-35 today.

When you consider the fact that Texas reopened today, resulting in many people going back to work, logically, it makes sense.

Though if there was one nice thing about being stuck inside, it was the lack of people on the roads when you did need to get somewhere. Now, many are having to deal with the traffic all over again.

Thanks to TxDOT's many tools, we're able to see for ourselves what the hold up is by viewing this map here.

According to the map above, the red coloring indicated heavy traffic, which could be for any number of reasons. The big orange bars indicate where construction is, which makes it no big surprise that I-35 is covered in them.

Accidents, lane closures, weather, and more can cause extreme delays on roads, especially on I-35.

There's even a little bit of yellow sprinkled in there, which means it could turn red in a matter of minutes. Or, if you're optimistic about traffic, it could turn green soon as well.

While there is certainly quite a bit of green, the red makes a major difference in anyone's commute.

"Texas barely reopened and Austin traffic already on 100," oopslex_ tweeted earlier today.

Currently, the tweet only has eight likes, however, we're sure most locals who have been on I-35 this afternoon would agree.

This burst of traffic comes after the city has announced plans to add more lanes to I-35 with a $4.3B project. The city has been going back and forth on what to do with the major highway for some time now.

"Y'all really clogged the main highway," fellow Texan danielsosa521 tweeted this afternoon with a photo of the GPS traffic map.

Austin traffic is a popular topic for locals to complain about, and it's something we'll probably have to take some time getting used to having back.