I think we can all agree that cookies are best just out of the oven, and the only thing better than baking your own late night dessert is getting fresh baked cookies delivered to your door at midnight. Now Austinites have that chance as Insomnia Cookies will be opening a new shop just outside of the UT campus in downtown Austin. According to Eater, the shop's first Austin location will be at 2323 San Antonio Street.

The cookie shop gained its fame for being the first shop to deliver cookies until 3 a.m. The Austin location is just the latest in the chain making it the seventh one in Texas. The shop will be right across the street from the University of Texas campus, perfect for those late night study sessions.

The dessert shop bakes everything from your classic chocolate chip cookies to other more loaded flavors including double chocolate mint, s' mores and peanut butter chocolate chip. They also carry deluxe cookies which are massively oversized baked cookies as well as cookie ice cream sandwiches filled with your choice of ice cream or sweet icing.

Insomnia Cookies also carry their own ice cream and la modes which include a chocolate brownie option just in case you're not craving a cookie. If you happen to need a cake for a late night celebration, the shop also delivers gigantic and fresh cookie cakes. They even make a "pizza" cookie cake to really surprise your friends! 

No midnight cookie run would be complete without milk so the service also delivers regular and chocolate milk. On the chance that you want some of these delicious cookies but you don't live close enough to the shop for them to deliver, you can order some online as they ship nationwide.

An official opening date for the shop hasn't been released just yet, but we expect them to open sometime this summer. Locations are usually opened from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. with delivery hours being at noon to 3 a.m. on weekends and from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. on weekdays. For more information on the Insomnia Cookies, you can visit their website here.