Austin Has A New Hidden Speakeasy Tucked Away On 6th Street

Swing into the 1920s.
Austin Has A New Hidden Speakeasy Tucked Away On 6th Street

There are only a few reasons why any of us would want to time travel back to the 1920s. The stunning swinger outfits, the romance, and the speakeasys all of which made the era something to romanticize. Austin is getting a small taste of what it was like back then with an amazing new speakeasy hidden on 6th Street. Now is the time to go, before everyone finds out about Austin's greatest, little, new secret. 

According to CultureMap, J.Stephens snuck onto 6th Street late last month and brought a menu of classic cocktails with it. While the full menu has yet to be publicly released, there are bits and pieces popping up on the official Instagram. Once Upon A Time In Austin is one delicious cocktail that's been pictured, and gives us major Once Upon a Time In Hollywood vibes. We can't wait to see even more from their incredible menu!

The entrance to the speakeasy is Happy Chicks and BBG's, just some of the other awesome locations 6th has to offer. When you see the red light you'll know you're there. How cool is that!? There's not many speakeasys like this in Texas, but when we find one, there's no going back to just regular 'ole bar hopping. If J. Stephens isn't part of the next pub crawl, you can catch us elsewhere. 

Dallas has a pretty neat speakeasy on their streets as well, and theirs requires getting past a bookcase to get inside. Austin has become legendary for a reason, and J. Stephens is just one more place to back this reputation. We can't wait to start seeing more and more mentions of this amazing speakeasy, but for now you'll just have to check it out for yourself. 

J. Stephens

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Cocktails 

Address: 214 E. 6th Street Austin, TX, 78701

Why you need to go: Austin doesn't have many hidden bars like this, and that's saying something for the city. 


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