Seeing the most delicate, jiggly cheesecake wobbling in all its glory is almost enough to make a grown dessert-lover tear up. The treat is so rare to find in Texas, being a dish from Japan, that finding one in your area is truly a blessing. There is one Japanese dessert spot in Austin that will make your mouth water from all of its incredibly decorated eats and sweets. If you haven't visited OMG Squee already, this might be your wake-up call. 

OMG Squee is a Japanese specialty store in Austin that sells a variety of delicious and intricately decorated desserts that are popular in Japan.

You can find dishes such as the fabulous jiggly cheesecakes, loaded taiyaki sundaes, and the cutest macarons that are decorated to look like your favorite TV show, game, and movie characters. 

The decorated desserts found at Squee Club change all the time depending on the season, holiday, and what's popular at the moment, making your visit here unique every single time.

Visitors have found macarons decorated in themes from Star Wars to Animal Crossing to Rilakkuma to Studio Ghibli. You can order yours ahead to make sure you nab one of your favorite characters!

Their taiyaki sundaes frequently see new flavors and toppings, such as cereal milk & red velvet. The fish-shaped pastry holds all the tasty flavors of your liking and is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Last but not least, ordering a Japanese jiggly cheesecake is an absolute must if you love cake, Japan, or both. The dish has been popping up on social media lately, tempting viewers of all kinds to try the spongey treat.

You can grab or order a cake with flavors such as matcha, ube, chocolate, and classic flavors. 

After you have devoured all of the sweets, you can wash them all down with their classic milk teas.

OMG Squee

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Japanese Desserts

Address: 4607 Bolm Rd., Austin, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can get all of the Japanese treats of your dreams at this tasty spot.