The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon literally spreads joy everywhere he goes. His interviews have a super relaxed vibe and those crazy games he plays with celebrities are always entertaining. He is, afterall, an entertainer. So it's no surprise that shortly after announcing that he is bringing his show to the University of Texas at Austin, UT students went crazy over the news.

The New York City based late night show is packing its bags and heading to the Lone Star State! For the first time in its history, it will be broadcasted live from the UT Campus on November 7 and it's very probable that you might get to watch it.

Fallon promises to bring along celebritiy guests but it's on the down low at the moment. Matthew McConaughey has to swing by, right?! (Fingers crossed.) We'd love to see Fallon challenge him to a lip sync battle, while possibly riding a horse. If that doesn't scream Texas, I don't know what does.

Tickets and other details for the show have yet to be released as well. Fallon did conclude in his announcement that he could use a dorm to crash in. Obviously that's a joke, but students have already offered their pull-out couches.

Students have even offered to be on the show to show off their talents! Wouldn't that be something to make your UT experience memorable.

These tickets are going to be an insanely hot item so while we try our best to keep an eye out for you, we encourage you search the web too. The special is being sponsored by Samsung, so keep calm and check Twitter for updates!

Needless to say the excitment level is through the roof. So, who's taking him to Franklin's barbecue? 

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