Some would say Joe Jonas and Matthew McConaughey are an unlikely duo, but ever since they were spotted together in Austin fans have been waiting for more content of the pair. Today, an inside look into how Joe Jonas spent his time in Austin during a quick trip to the city was finally shared with the world. Some of his stops won't come as a surprise to Austin natives, but others definitely will.

Cup of Joe is Jonas' new travel show exclusively on Quibi. In his latest episode, Jonas is shown around Austin by McConaughey and later explores the city on his own.

After learning about the city from McConaughey, who is a man of many hats in ATX, Jonas took him up on a suggestion to visit The Little Longhorn Saloon, a local Austin bar.

McConaughey told Jonas that it was "unique to the city," which, it very much is.

Every Sunday from 4 to 8 p.m. the bar hosts their weekly "Chicken Sh*t Bingo" to see who will guess the number of the card that their chicken will literally poop on.

"Church I love it," Jonas remarked after learning the rules.

Jonas chose number 41 and ended up as the winner! He left that night with an extra $114 to his name.

After winning Chicken Sh*t Bingo, the Jonas Brothers member learned a new dance from one of the bar's employees. 

As if the man didn't already have enough dance moves up his sleeve!

Not only does the episode give us insight into what Jonas did during his time in Austin, but it also gave us insight into how McConaughey feels about the city.

"I feel creatively turned on here," said McConaughey, he shared while strolling through his home city. 

The part-time professor at The University of Texas at Austin even admitted that he "randomly" goes into his class.

We all wondered what they were up to when these mysterious photos got posted to each of their Instagrams, and, now we know.

Maybe you'll have to check out Chicken Sh*t Bingo the next time that you're in the area.