With Labor Day weekend approaching, finding something to do is more important than ever! If you live in Texas there's plenty to choose from, but finding something more unique than a lake or a river should be the goal here. Well, you're in luck! Kyle Pie in the Sky Festival is taking place from Friday, August 30th until Sunday, September 1st and it's got everything you could hope for right in it's name. 

A hot air balloon festival is one thing, but one with endless pie is something entirely different. Perfection! All Labor Day weekend long, you can admire hot air balloons filling the sky while enjoying pie-themed events and competitions! The flavors of pie don't just stop at apple or pumpkin, there are hundreds more that'll be there to compete for the ultimate pie crown. Who knew a weekend could be this good?

The fest will take place from 5 to 10 PM Friday, several time slots are available on Saturday, and 6 to 10 AM Sunday. Kyle is near Austin and plenty of other big Texas cities, so while you're waiting on things to get started, you'll have plenty to do! Just because the end of summer is near doesn't mean the fun has to end any time soon. 

A weekend pass is only $20 and parking and shuttles to the event are free! If you buy at the gate it'll go up slightly to $30, so planning ahead is recommended. At the end of the night there'll be fireworks and even tethered rides to enjoy! Kyle Pie in the Sky Festival has it all. 

Kyle Pie in the Sky Festival

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Pie

Address: 700 Lehman Lane, Kyle, Texas 78640

Why you need to go: Pie and balloons are the combo we didn't know we needed. This is a great way to celebrate Labor Day Weekend!