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Lefty's Brick Bar In Austin Has Boozy Snow Cones

When we think back on the childhood memories we're most fond over, some sort of cold treat is typically involved. Whether it be ice cream after a long pool day, taking cookie dough from the fridge when we should've been asleep, or sno cones from our favorite shop, the nostalgia hits us like a brick wall. Now that we're adults, instead of cold treats we've started to look for anything infused with booze to get us through the week. There's actually a bar in Austin with boozy sno-balls, that has the ability to give us the best of both worlds. 

Lefty's Brick Bar has an incredible drinks menu with everything from beer, to cocktails, to wine, and of course, boozy snow cones. Or as they like to call them, boozy sno-balls. The sno-balls look just like snow cones and come in two flavors, Tiger's Blood and Orange Creamsicle. I don't remember those being options when I was younger, but I'm glad they are now!

The bar is open from 11 to 12 a.m. almost everyday other than Friday and Saturday when they're open till 2 a.m. This adult paradise doesn't just have boozy cold drinks, they also have tons of food and dessert options. Cajun is their specialty but if that's not your favorite you'll still be able to find something on the menu for you. 

Austin is filled with places that will surprise you with how to involve booze in their recipes. Finding CBD in your food also isn't uncommon in ATX, yet another reason this city is so popular. The next time you're looking for a cold treat that reminds you of easier times, or just a drink in general, make sure to visit Lefty's Brick Bar!

Lefty's Brick Bar

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Cajun

Address: 1813 C E 6th St., Austin, TX 78702

Why You Need To Go: These boozy sno-balls will bring back memories of easier times, and make current times easier! 

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