Lizzo's ACL Crowd Last Night Was So Big That People Were Getting Trampled (PHOTOS)

It ain't her fault that she's out here making news.
Lizzo's ACL Performance Last Night Left People Injured

It should come as no surprise that Lizzo got the kind of crowd she did last night at Austin City Limits. Unfortunately, it seems like the only people who were shocked over it were the ones that decided Lizzo wouldn't get a headliner spot this year and therefore would perform on one of the smaller stages. As a result, people were getting trampled during Lizzo's ACL performance and are demanding she get a bigger stage for the festival's second and final weekend.

There's no doubt in our minds that Lizzo deserved better last night, as well as the thousands of people who came out to see her. According to her Instagram story, there were 60,000 people singing along to Truth Hurts, one of her most iconic songs, which couldn't have been safe for anyone gathered around such a small stage. No shade whatsoever towards Mumford and Sons, Cardi B, or Kasey Musgraves (who actually watched Lizzo's performance from backstage) but why wasn't Lizzo a headliner again?

ACL's official Twitter account actually had the nerve to tweet about how "epic" Lizzo's crowd was, and it didn't take long before Twitter users responded enraged. "Safety hazard", "trampled", and "stampede" were just some of the words repeatedly used in the replies as well as Lizzo's fans begging for her to get a bigger stage next Sunday. As fellow Lizzbians, we couldn't agree more. 

Also in the replies were people discussing how in all of their years of going to ACL, this was the most insane crowd they had ever seen, especially for a non-headliner. Even Lizzo was a little shook and was caught mouthing "damn" when she looked out at the crowd after one of her performances. Everything is bigger in Texas, and now Houston-grown Lizzo knows more than ever how true that is. 

We're not sure if Lizzo getting a bigger stage for next weekend is possible or not, especially with her performance now being less than a week away. Let's hope ACL at least attempts to do better, because if her crowd next weekend is as big as it was last night, then even more people are going to have a problem with how Texas' most famous music festival runs things. One thing is for sure, Lizzo is forever our queen. 

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