Watermelons are the perfect refreshing treat, especially outside in the Texas heat, but they never really get enough credit... until now. Luling, Texas is hosting a spectacular four-day watermelon festival from June 27 to June 30. If you're a watermelon fan like most Texans, you won't want to miss it.

The event starts on Thursday with free admission to the grounds and a concert by The Emotions. There will also be a watermelon competition to see who has grown the biggest watermelon around. On Thursday night, there will also be a crowning of the festival's watermelon Queen. The grounds themselves will host a variety of watermelon foods and drinks along with plenty of carnival rides. 

But all of that is just the start! On Friday of the festival, all of the fair fun is available for only $5 to get in. You will also be able to purchase tickets to the main stage for $15 where Elida Rayna y Avante will be performing along with Michael Salgado. They will be hosting the seed spitting competition on this day where people of all ages can participate.  

Saturday is the main day for this yummy festival that will start with a watermelon parade throughout the town starting at 10 a.m. They do offer free admission to the festival grounds before 2 p.m. but if you can't make it until after, you will have to pay that small $5 fee. The main stage will feature local favorite artist Parker McCullom with tickets listed at $25. Saturday will also host a watermelon eating contest, auctions and multiple vendors.

The last day of the festival admission is free and you'll be able to enjoy a car show along with all of the fun snacks and games from the previous three days.

The event will be held in Luling, Texas for more information on the watermelon festival and for tickets, you can visit their website here.