You Can Now Get Austin's Most Famous Margaritas Delivered To Your Porch

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You Can Now Get Austin's Most Famous Margaritas Delivered To Your Porch

For Texans, it's common to not only miss eating at our favorite restaurants but drinking at our favorite restaurants too. Especially when the Lone Star State is filled with so many places to get tasty margaritas. Now, getting margaritas to-go in Austin is possible thanks to every Austinite's favorite Mexican restaurant, El Arroyo.

If you've never eaten at El Arroyo, you are seriously missing out. Luckily, there's still plenty of opportunities to try items from their menu thanks to their curbside pickup and delivery options.

El Arroyo acted fast once dine-in options for Austin restaurants were no longer allowed, especially since this meant their customers wouldn't have easy access to their famous margs.

At first, a curbside pickup with a covered drive-thru system was the only way to secure the El Arroyo bag. Now, you can have their food and drink delivered straight to your door!

Whether you're celebrating happy hour at home or just need a cool, refreshing drink to take the edge off, El Arroyo has you covered

In fact, they've even started to offer a special $40 deal that comes with everything you could possibly need.

Staying home may have been difficult at first, but thanks to our favorite local restaurants taking charge, it's becoming easier than ever.

El Arroyo is offering a $40 deal that includes 32 ounces of the famous El Arroyo fresh margarita mix, a tequila bottle, a Topo Chico, and chips and salsa. Yum!

You can order this deal here or take a look at their full menu for a more filling option.

You can also make sure to nab some of their tasty food while you're ordering. Whatever you decide to order from El Arroyo, you will not be disappointed!

El Arroyo

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 1624 W 5th St., Austin, TX

Why You Need To Go: Having one of El Arroyo's famous margaritas at home is exactly what any Texan needs right about now.