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Matthew McConaughey Hosted Bingo At A Texas Senior Living Home (VIDEO)

He's finding ways to keep everyone entertained!
Matthew McConaughey Played Bingo With Seniors In Austin Over The Weekend

Lately, we've had to part with our old ways of staying entertained and had to welcome new ones to the mix, even if they're things we never thought we'd find ourselves doing. We're not sure how many times Matthew McConaughey has played bingo with senior citizens, but, as of this past weekend, it's at least once. That's right, our favorite Austinite/movie star kept residents of a senior living home in Austin entertained over the weekend and it seems like everyone had a good time with it.

The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living welcomed McConaughey and his family to their screens over the weekend for a few rounds of virtual bingo.

McConaughey, his wife Camila, and his mom Kay were the hosts of the event that left many with smiles on their faces.

I mean, have you ever played bingo with a celebrity? Didn't think so.

The Enclave took to Facebook to share with their followers a snippet of the fun everyone had together over the weekend. In the video, McConaughey announced not one, but two winners of that particular round.

The looks on the winner's faces, which you can see below, are enough to make just about anyone's day better.

It's an important reminder that there's always good left in the world, even when it feels like there's a whole lot of bad.

The Facebook post from The Enclave thanked the McConaughey crew for participating in a few rounds of bingo with some of their seniors currently living in the home.

They finished their post by letting everyone know that, "Our residents had a great time playing, and they loved talking with Matthew about his family heritage and his favorite drink."

McConaughey has been quite the advocate for staying home during these "rough and tumble times."

He's taken to Instagram on numerous occasions to share his feelings on the coronavirus and how it's affecting our world, saying that "we are at war with a virus."

It looks like playing bingo isn't the only activity on McConaughey's radar, his wife shared the video above of him trying her world-famous coleslaw.

Who knows, he could be adding "professional taste tester" to his resume sometime soon.

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