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Matthew McConaughey Shared His Love For Texas At The Chelsea Soccer Game Last Night (PHOTOS)

We all know Matthew McConaughey is a die-hard Texas Longhorns football fan, what most of us don't know is that he's also a pretty big fan of soccer as well. Last night, Matthew McConaughey was at a soccer game in London, England cheering Chelsea Football Club on while continuing to show his Austin, Texas pride.

Seeing as how he's a part-owner of Austin Football Club, it's fitting to see him cheering on the United Kingdom's version of football. 

McConaughey made a post on Instagram just hours ago giving a huge shoutout to Chelsea Football Club.

In all of the pictures, you can see him grinning from ear to ear either holding a soccer ball or posing with some of the team's players.

It looked like he was right on the sidelines enjoying the game, and the players loved it.

McConaughey is a name not just known to Texan's ears, but worldwide.

McConaughey included in his caption that the soccer ball is "the greatest invention in the world," which comes from a well-known quote.

Football is definitely McConaughey's favorite sport, whether it's America's version of the game or not.

McConaughey took to his Instagram Story before the game to show just how jetlagged and sleep-deprived he is, considering he's on London's time now. 

If you're in need of a good laugh, we recommend checking it out here.

The Chelsea Football Club even posted on their official Instagram account about McConaughey being at the game.

Whether it's the team's first time meeting him or not, it's always great being in the presence of a true Hollywood king.

We all know McConaughey is much more than his work on the big screen, but that's what makes him so special.

Ever since McConaughey got his Instagram account, his fans everywhere have enjoyed following him along and getting an inside scoop into his life.

That was the point of the account after all, and he has yet to disappoint!

We can't wait to see what sports game he's at next.

Get some sleep, Matthew!

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