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Matthew McConaughey Social Distancing In Austin Is Smart & He Wants Us To Do The Same

Matthew McConaughey practically runs Austin at this point (or at least in Austinites' eyes he does). With his massive Instagram following of three million and counting, it's easy to see how people can be influenced by the big screen king. Matthew McConaughey is social distancing from Austin, in his gorgeous riverside home to be exact, and in an Instagram post from earlier today, he urged fans to do the same from their homes.

McConaughey took to IGTV an hour ago to encourage anyone who was watching to continue practicing safe habits during what he called "rough and tumble times."

He addressed the fact that many are losing jobs, suffering from cabin fever, and worse due to the coronavirus. This is enough to sadden just about anyone and McConaughey seemed to understand that as he talked to the camera.

While it does feel like a lot is going wrong right now, the movie star also addressed the things that were going right.

He thanked those who are "taking care of each other" and even applauded (literally) all of the people showing "resilience" and "courage."

The IGTV recording is now posted to his Instagram feed and can be watched below.

Next on the agenda was addressing the fact that "numbers are going to spike," meaning the number of those infected with the coronavirus.

From there, he took the time to urge people to stay at home until it is deemed safe again by government officials.

He himself is taking care of his wife, children, and other family members from his Austin home and wants us all to do the same.

Above is a video of McConaughey posted to his feed less than a week ago, when things were vastly different from the way they are now in the world.

The difference between what was going on on and off camera between the two videos is wild!

We're sure McConaughey misses his day-to-day life as much as the next person, but it's admirable seeing him do what needs to be done and encouraging others to mimic his actions.

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