It's no lie that the Fab Five have taken over the hearts of America ever since the reboot of Queer Eye was premiered on Netflix back in 2018. The squad typically stayed in Georgia towns, including Atlanta, and recently went to Kansas City, MO, and Japan for filming. Now, however, Netflix's Queer Eye casting flyers have been spotted in Austin, Texas, sparking rumors that the crew will be headed here next!

The icon Jonathan Van Ness recently had a show here in Austin as a part of his individual world tour. At the show, people were being handed promotional flyers for Queer Eye nominations.

The exciting casting call flyers were also found in other spots in the Texas city. People shared them on social media to get the hype flowing.

The flyers invited fans, saying “Howdy Texas! Queer Eye is casting in Austin, Texas! Accepting nominations in Austin & Central Texas. To nominate someone you know, email: with nominee name, photos & story.”

People in the city are more than excited for the group to potentially head to Austin. Though the show's official sources haven't 100% confirmed the team will head to Texas, fans aren't giving up hope.

The last spot that had the casting call flyers spread around the city was Philadelphia, according to Oprah Magazine, and soon after, they had filmed season 5 there. This is great news for Austin!

It would make so much sense that the crew would head to our state since both Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk are from Houston!

Twitter user angel boi said they would "literally [mess] up my hair, clothes, and confidence so that queer eye can come fix me" if they do end up stopping by in the Lone Star state.

Many others agree to this and also want the chance to meet the life-changing men. 

Others are more sincere when it comes to nominations for the incredible makeover show, like Twitter user Zaira Alejandra, who states that they will be "nominating all of [their] wonderful sweetheart male friends" for the show.

Austin is well known to be very inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community, making this the perfect spot for the Fab Five to stop by for the next season of filming. 

We could all use a little TLC this upcoming decade, so here's to Queer Eye possibly coming down to Texas!

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