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Netflix's Tiger King Led Austin Man To Play An Amazon Delivery Game (PHOTOS)

The show that it seems everyone has been watching lately is Netflix's Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. The docu-series has blown up in fame exponentially since it was first released, and discussions and memes about it are all over social media. One Austin local turned his fascination in the show into a funny delivery game for his Amazon delivery workers and it has gone viral.

Tim Scott, or hellotimscott on Twitter, posted a tweet over the weekend with the caption "Getting to know our delivery guys #TigerKing" with a charming front door set up.

On his door, he posted a sign saying "Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?" with two signs under it, with the words "Yes" and "No" printed on them.

The delivery person then has to decide what they believe in and put the packages under their answer.

Clearly, in this case, the Amazon worker believed that she did commit the crime, and they placed the packages underneath the "Yes" sign.

Since Scott posted this Tweet, there have been over 421k likes and 53.8k retweets, with endless comments talking about the show.

Tim Scott is the founder of a local Austin-based clothing brand along with being an Advertising and PR faculty member at UT Austin.

Scott followed up his tweet in a thread with photoshopped versions of his delivery joke that also got thousands of likes. "Did I just peak?" lists one of the edited jokes.

Other Twitter users photoshopped their own versions of the meme and replied with corrections that her name should be spelled "Carole" rather than "Carol".

Scott replied to this comment saying "I'm waiting to be best friends with the delivery person that corrects it."

Clearly this Austin local is putting some lighthearted humor into his daily life to put a smile on his and others faces during these isolated times.

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