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Austin Is Having A Massive Oyster Festival Next Month With All Things Seafood

It's going to be a shucking good time!

You may have been nervous the first time you tried an oyster but if you're like the rest of us, then you fell in love almost immediately. They may look odd and not at all edible, but they're actually extremely delicious. Next month, the Austin Oyster Festival is taking place downtown and they are inviting all oyster lovers and anyone who's skeptical of the dish to come out and eat 'em all day long. 

On Saturday, February 29, the Austin Oyster Festival will be held at Republic Square in Downtown Austin.

At the fest, there'll not only be oysters but also other seafood, Bloody Marys, beer, wine, and much more. 

The oysters will be served in every way imaginable, from raw to grilled to roasted and finally, fried.

If there's a way to eat an oyster, this festival will have it.

Tickets are currently on sale, and there's a general admission option as well as a VIP one.

General admission is $60 and VIP is $115, which comes with some very special perks.

While GA includes entrance, live entertainment, and six festival vouchers, VIP includes all of this and two extra vouchers, plus private bathrooms, VIP oyster tastings, a VIP lounge, and much more.

In this case, you'll be spending a little bit more for a lot in return.

The live entertainment at the fest is gonna be out of this world, and having some awesome music to jam to while eating all the oysters you can handle is about as good as it gets.

If you love seafood as much as we do, there are quite a few seafood fests happening in Texas you need to check out such as the Austin Crawfish Festival or the one in Houston!

Both are taking place this spring, so there's plenty of time to plan ahead.

There's something for everyone out there, in just about every major city.

Sea you there!

2020 Austin Oyster Festival

Price: $60 - $115

When: Saturday, February 29 

Address: 422 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX

Why You Need To Go: This fest will have tons of delicious oysters plus delicious booze. 

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