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Now You Won't Spend Your Whole Paycheck At Whole Foods As Hundreds Of Prices Drop

Amazon is lowering hundreds of prices at the grocery chain this week.

You read that correctly, Amazon has been planning out some major price drops on over 500 of Whole Foods popular items. According to The Wall Street Journal, items on all different shelves will be reduced in price to encourage more shoppers to turn to healthy options without having to break the bank. Now you can make a trip to Whole Foods without spending every last dime in your wallet!

Austin is the home and headquarters to the global grocery monster Whole Foods, and most Austinites have visited one of their many locations and left either spending more money than they thought or with less food than they thought. Of course, the massive slashing of prices will occur throughout all of their U.S. stores so shoppers in all cities can enjoy the new item prices.

Amazon aims to change the public perception of the giant grocery chain to a more positive one. Though millions of customers love Whole Foods and accept all their prices, a majority of people agree that they seem to be a more "high cost" grocery store.

Amazon acquired Whole Foods two years ago and has been slowly adjusting and lowering their prices to make the store more affordable for everyone.  Amazon wants their grocery store to be more affordable and visited by more customers across America.

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The massive price cutdown will affect over 500 different items with a focus on their fresh produce and meat departments. This will make their organic and healthy products much more obtainable for shoppers and will promote locals to buy healthier and more humane foods. They will also be dropping the prices on other snacks, goods, and ingredients throughout the store.

Get your shopping carts ready because this giant cut down will happen starting on Wednesday morning, with only more price drops to be scheduled in the near future.