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Matthew McConaughey Is A Modern-Day Santa Delivering Masks To Texas Hospitals In Need

They're headed out to do some good!

One of the biggest things Texans can boast over is having the famous Matthew McConaughey living in their state. It is no secret that the big-time actor loves Austin, Texas, and all the surrounding cities in the Lone Star State, and he is doing all he can to protect its citizens during this pandemic. Just this week, Matthew and Camila McConaughey delivered masks that were donated by Lincoln to rural hospitals across Texas.

In the evening last night, Thursday, May 21, 2020, Matthew revealed that he and his wife would be driving across Texas to deliver 110,000 donated masks to hospitals in need of them.

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Joe Jonas Got His Cowboy On With Matthew McConaughey In Texas (VIDEO)

Chickens, dancing, and more!

Some would say Joe Jonas and Matthew McConaughey are an unlikely duo, but ever since they were spotted together in Austin fans have been waiting for more content of the pair. Today, an inside look into how Joe Jonas spent his time in Austin during a quick trip to the city was finally shared with the world. Some of his stops won't come as a surprise to Austin natives, but others definitely will.

Cup of Joe is Jonas' new travel show exclusively on Quibi. In his latest episode, Jonas is shown around Austin by McConaughey and later explores the city on his own.

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Matthew McConaughey, Or "Bobby Bandito," Is Now Selling His Own Bandana Face Masks

It's for a great cause!

Matthew McConaughey only recently got an Instagram account, but you wouldn't know that by looking at his feed. Our favorite Austinite has been making some extremely creative posts lately, some of which have been to help make people more aware of the actions that need to be taken to fight against the coronavirus. Most recently, Matthew McConaughey made his own bandana face masks and is now selling them for a great cause.

McConaughey introduced us to his "Bobby Bandito" persona yesterday in a video he posted on his Instagram. In the video, the character taught us how to make bandana face masks to wear in public, and now, those same face masks are for sale.

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Matthew & Camila McConaughey Surprise Texas First Responders With 80,000 Masks (VIDEO)

He never fails to impress.

As we locals have been seeing lately, Matthew McConaughey's COVID-19 efforts in Austin never fail to impress, especially this week. Matthew and Camila McConaughey are donating approximately 80,000 masks to Austin and New Orleans first responders in an effort to protect against the coronavirus. The two teamed up with their friends and an organization they believe in to help in a time where help is needed most.

The McConaugheys shared on Instagram a video of them delivering masks to the Austin Fire Department when they stopped by yesterday, April 10.

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Bros Joe Jonas & Matthew McConaughey Fanboyed Over Austin On A Live Stream (PHOTOS)

The collab we've been waiting to see again.

Ever since Matthew McConaughey and Joe Jonas took to the streets of Austin back in December, we've been counting down the days until we saw them together again. Finally, the two bros took to Instagram Live today to promote Jonas' new Quibi show Cup of Joe and suddenly, our hearts were complete. They talked about Austin, coping with quarantine, and their overall love for each other.

McConaughey and Jonas went live on Instagram at 5 p.m. CST today, April 6 to promote Jonas' new show Cup of Joe which will feature McConaughey once aired later this month.

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Matthew McConaughey Hosted Bingo At A Texas Senior Living Home (VIDEO)

He's finding ways to keep everyone entertained!

Lately, we've had to part with our old ways of staying entertained and had to welcome new ones to the mix, even if they're things we never thought we'd find ourselves doing. We're not sure how many times Matthew McConaughey has played bingo with senior citizens, but, as of this past weekend, it's at least once. That's right, our favorite Austinite/movie star kept residents of a senior living home in Austin entertained over the weekend and it seems like everyone had a good time with it.

The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living welcomed McConaughey and his family to their screens over the weekend for a few rounds of virtual bingo.

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