Pools are a great way to cool off during the hottest seasons in Texas, but swimming pools can be exclusive to hotels and apartments or can be just so overcrowded. Luckily for us, Texas has a variety of great springs and falls to cool off at, with all of them having amazing views. One of these great spots is Sculpture Falls in Austin where you can swim and relax to your heart's desire. 

After a nice 3.7 mile hike at Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail, you will arrive at the gorgeous sculpture falls. The falls are an urban oasis with rapids of clear flowing water, making it a chilly 70 degrees even on the hottest Texas days. 

The falls are pet-friendly so don't be too surprised if you see a puppy or two. There are plenty of massive sized rocks around in case you want to relax before jumping in the water. 

Hidden behind mountains, the falls will not only provide scenic views but will also make you forget you're anywhere near the city. You can come out with tons of friends, family, and pups to enjoy the cool water in the Texas heat.

On the way to the refreshing falls, you might see the cutest tree hideout ever. Belonging to no one in particular, the hideout is just one of the many cute spots to take pictures at the falls.  The refreshing swimming spot is always open and has plenty of space for a picnic. If you're up for it you can also go fishing at the scenic spot.

Sculpture falls is located at 3755 S Capital of Texas Hwy B in Austin. For more information on Barron Creek Greenbelt and Sculpture Falls, you can visit their website here.