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This Berry Farm Near Austin Has A Giant Maze That Is Literally In The Shape Of Texas

Texans have a deep love for things in the shape of their state. Whether it be a waffle, decor, or a literal corn maze, it fills us with pride to see the great state of Texas any and everywhere. Turns out, there's a berry farm near Austin that's home to a corn maze, that is, from an aerial view, in the shape of Texas. Get ready for Fall Fun, because Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls is having just that starting next month!

As if their corn maze being in the shape of Texas wasn't enough, they're hosting a festival all about fall coming up. From Sept. 21 to until Nov. 10, you can come out to Marble Falls and enjoy 13+ activities as cheap as $2.75 to choose from. They may be known for their berry picking, but they'll be known for much more than that once November is over. 

Sweet Berry Farm has tons of fruit to pick during their respective seasons and was actually closed for the summer. Their grand opening for Fall Fun on Sept. 21 will welcome a massive pumpkin patch to take pictures in and take some home with you! Their pumpkins range from $1.25 to $75 depending on the pumpkin and their size. Jack-o'-lantern carving will be the move later that night. 

Hayrides, scarecrow stuffing, and, of course, The Texas Maze are some of the many activities available at the farm. There's plenty of corn mazes in Texas, but none that are shaped like this! If you're in the Dallas area, there's an incredible one near there too! We can't wait to get lost in a maze and take home as many pumpkins and flowers as we can hold!

Sweet Berry Farm

Price: 💸

Address: 1801 FM1980, Marble Falls, TX 78654

Why you need to go: Sweet Berry Farm may be known for berry picking, but there's much more to them. From their Texas-shaped corn maze to their insane pumpkin patch, you'll leave wondering why you haven't been before!


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