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This Ice Cream Shop In Austin Now Serves The Most Colorful Sugary Creations

Cone-nuts are the newest, best thing.
This Ice Cream Shop In Austin Now Serves The Most Colorful Sugary Creations

Every special occasion calls for ice cream! Whether you're pairing it with birthday cake, sharing an entire gallon during a girl's night, or eating it just because you want to, ice cream is essential in achieving happiness. There are plenty of places in Austin that offer a unique spin on the classic frozen treat, but very few who offer it with donuts. Sweet Ritual prides themselves on making ice cream for everyone, and now donut lovers can feel included too!

The owners of Sweet Ritual wanted to make ice cream that people with every type of dietary restriction could still enjoy. We all know how necessary ice cream can be at times, so the more people who can enjoy it, the better. Whether you're vegan, keto, paleo, or just a foodie, Sweet Ritual will be like a second home for you. It seems like they're constantly coming up with crazy new recipes and dessert combinations, and absolutely no one is complaining.

Just recently, they announced their new creation, the "Conenut," an ice cream cone accompanied with a sprinkled donut. I don't know if I've ever heard of something so heavenly. There's tons of ice cream flavors to choose from to go with your donut, but I'm pretty sure you couldn't choose something unappetizing if you tried. If you're simply in the mood for a shake, sundae, cup, or cone, they have all of that as well. Your sweet tooth will be seriously satisfied when you leave from here. 

On top of all of their other tasty ice cream treats, they even sell ice cream cakes! They're priced at $40 and perfect for any and every occasion. 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide, that's the size every cake in your life should be. They say everything's bigger in Texas, so why not order bigger? Sweet Ritual opens at 12 PM every day of the week, so there's no excuse in missing out. 

Sweet Ritual

Price: đź’¸

Cuisine: The tastiest ice cream in Austin!

Address: 4631 Airport Blvd #125, Austin, TX 78751

Why you need to go: Austin is known for their inclusiveness, and Sweet Ritual makes ice cream for everyone! Their new "Conenuts" are a must try, perfect for everyone's sweet tooth. 


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