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You Can Watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre At The House From The Movie

Everyone remembers the first time they watched the iconic horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and for good reason. This spring, Texans are being offered a unique opportunity to stay at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house that is straight out of the movie! There's a limited amount of space available, so, if you think you're brave enough, you should reserve your spot now.

On Set Cinema is coming to Kingsland, Texas where Leatherface himself lived in the movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

On Set Cinema takes its job quite literally, and brings a film of their choice to wherever filming took place, to give fans the chance at experiencing what it was like to be in the movie.

Horror classics only, though!

Leatherface's house, where the screening will take place, was transformed into what is now Grand Central Café a while back and is in much better shape than you'd think.

But hey, you don't have to take our word for it.

On either Sunday, March 29 or Monday, March 30 you can come out to Grand Central Café located at 1010 King Ct from 4 p.m. until noon the following day.

That's right, after the screening you get to spend the night!

The event is 21+ and not only includes a unique movie-watching experience, but also games, movie showings, a BBQ dinner, drinks, snacks, and a bed to sleep on.

Guests must bring their own pillows, blankets, and whatever else they need to feel comfortable.

The movie will be shown where the infamous dining room scene took place and you'll have the option of watching the original on repeat or the entire series.

A lot of epic scenes took place in the house, so make sure you take it all in!

Tickets for the first night are $400 per person, with everything above included, and $350 for the second night. 

You can purchase them and reserve your spot here.

On Set Cinema

Price: $350+

When: Sunday, March 29 & Monday, March 30

Address: 1010 King Ct. Kingsland, TX

Why You Need To Go: Being able to watch one of the most iconic horror movies ever made in the very house it was made is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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