When wanderlust starts to sneak up on you, it's time for you to get out into some new scenery and check out a new adventure spot. Whether you want to venture near or far, the Texas Hill Country is the perfect place to go. In fact, there's a mansion in the Texas Hill Country near Austin that fits enough people to make taking a vacation out there incredibly cheap.

Valerie, a Superhost for Airbnb, has a mansion in the Texas Hill Country up for grabs for you and all of your friends.

The mansion is big enough to fit up to 16 people, making the normal $390 per night price drop down to about $25 per person. If you had one person per bedroom, the price is still only $65 a night per person.

Even if the maximum amount of people don't stay there, it's still pretty cheap no matter how many ways you split it up.

You can't find listings like this one just anywhere, which is why taking advantage of them when you do is crucial.

The rental has a total of six bedrooms with 16 beds spread throughout. So, you might have to share a room with a few people if you have more than 6 guests staying with you.

There are also three full kitchens, two living rooms, six bedrooms, two balconies, and four full bathrooms.

Valerie, the host, is considered a Superhost, which means she's pretty excellent at keeping up with things.

The exterior is just as beautiful as the interior, if not better.

There's a massive pool you can swim in as well as a hot tub. So no matter what time of year you decide to come out, you'll be set to lounge in some water.

This mansion is perfect for any and every occasion, so you should book your stay today!

Hill Country Mansion

Price Per Night: $390

Address Or Neighbourhood: Texas Hill Country

Why You Need To Go: This mansion is the ultimate getaway for you and 16 of your closest friends. Seriously, it fits that many.