Texas is going through a lot of major changes at the moment, with many businesses and parks opening back up to the public to get employees and business owners back to work. We've seen the reopening of restaurants, stores, malls, beaches, and now theaters during the past 3 days. After the start of Governor Greg Abbott's reopening Texas plan, COVID-19 cases have noticeably spiked. The state counted over 3,400 new cases in one weekend, seeing the highest number of new cases over three consecutive days.

It's important to note that these cases did not result directly from the reopening itself since incubation takes 2 to 14 days. 

A total of 3,461 positive tests, with over 1,000 per day, have been counted since Friday, May 1, when phase 1 of the reopening plan began.

On Friday, Texas saw 1,142 new cases, along with 1,293 on Saturday and 1,026 on Sunday.

Saturday's number was the highest seen since only one other day, April 10, 2020, hitting 1,441 cases in a single day.

This increase in COVID-19 cases comes as government testing facilities and sites have increased in many cities across the state.

Governor Abbott has been focusing a lot of efforts on making testing much more accessible and easy, since the Lone Star State recently ranked "49th in per-capita testing for coronavirus", according to KHOU.

The governor has been announcing his initiatives across different platforms to ramp up testing.

He also recently commended the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for working hard to help increase COVID-19 the number of tests done.

On Sunday, May 3, 2020, Abbott revealed to the public that "the number of Texans who have recovered from COVID-19 now exceeds the number of active COVID cases for the past 2 days."

There has been an increase in not only the number of positive cases but also the number of those recovering from the virus.

Though Texas ranks near the bottom of the number of tests performed in the country, it's also ranked "3rd highest among states for number of people who have recovered from coronavirus."

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has been updating the public on Twitter about the new daily cases and deaths in Dallas. On Sunday, May 3, he reported that "today's numbers are the highest we have seen so far." 

He went on to say that he hoped that the "medical models will prove correct" and that Texas will be "nearing the peak" sometime soon.