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You Can Release Lanterns Into The Water At This Gorgeous Fest On The Water In Austin

Releasing lanterns, whether it's into the sky or into the water, is a truly magical experience. You're able to let go of all of your worries and see them literally drift away. Austin is hosting a floating lantern fest in September that'll give you the chance to experience all of the hype behind lantern releases. Whether you've done it once before, or never at all, you'll definitely want to spend your night out here!

While September is typically filled with things to get ready for the spooky season (and we love that), it can also have plenty of things for all ages to enjoy as well. The Austin Texas Water Lantern Festival is one of those things, and it's probably the best ever. While we've all seen lantern releases into the sky, few have seen ones where they're released into water. 

The venue hasn't been picked quite yet, but their Facebook event page will have it updated ASAP! So keep your eye out for it there. While we sit and wait in anticipation for Saturday, September 14th to come, we can rest easy knowing Austin has plenty of gorgeous places to choose from.

The fest will have tons of awesome merch, music, food, and more! This isn't your typical lantern release. The merch is all updated and better than ever so be sure to leave with at least one awesome t-shirt to remember the night. After all, you will have to say goodbye to your lantern!

Austin Texas Water Lantern Festival

Price: 💸

Address: Austin, Texas

Why you need to go: Releasing lanterns into the water is literally the best thing ever, and doing it with huge groups makes the night even more incredible!


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