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This Spring-Fed Natural Turquoise Pool Near Austin Is The Perfect Day Trip

It's one of the few free-flow ones in the state.
Hancock Springs Is One Of The Best Swimming Spots In Texas

The Lone Star State is filled with plenty of places to enjoy nature, get close to history, and cool off. Finding a place where you can do those three things at the same time is a rare gem, and you need to go and explore it ASAP. Hancock Springs Pool is one of the few free-flowing pools in the state and also stands among the best swimming spots in Texas.

Located at Hancock Springs Park, just 69 miles away from Austin in Lampasas, this spring-fed massive pool is a great place for a spontaneous day trip with your group of friends this spring.

Visiting this gem is fun and cheap. You only pay $3.50 per adult and $2.50 per child to enter. Once inside the 3-acre park, you can take a dip at the pool, have a picnic, or play at the volleyball courts. There's also a playground for the little ones. 

The pool was constructed in the 1900s and has been enjoyed by locals ever since.

However, history is all over the place because before the pool, there was an old bathhouse in the premises, and the ruins are still there for you to explore and admire. 

You can visit this historic wonder only Thursday through Sunday from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m.

According to The Texas State Historical Association, the discovery of the springs seems to happen in 1721. Long before that, "early Indian tribes made yearly pilgrimages to the Hancock mineral springs at the site."

The natives believed the waters had medicinal properties, and many still feel the same way about the spot. 

Later on, in 1882, promoters of the Santa Fe Railway built a hotel with a Broadwalk to the spring and a bathhouse, among other luxuries that give the place fame as a health resort.

However, according to the Austin Chronicle, the first pool in the area was constructed for the Baptist camp that once occupied the park.

Hancock Springs pool feeds into both Sulphur Creek and Lampasas River. The waters are around 69 degrees year-round, perfect to beat Texas' extreme temps. 

Here you can swim, have a picnic (or even a BBQ with the available grills), or go fishing at Sulphur Creek. There are restrooms available, and the place is pet-friendly. 

Hancock Springs

Price: Adults $3.50, Kids $2.50 

Address: 1600 281 S. Lampasas, TX 

Why You Need To Go: Have a day outdoors with your friends at this spring-fed pool near Austin. This is one of the few free-flowing pools in the state of Texas. 

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