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The McConaughey Austin Home Is Practicing Social Distancing Amid The Coronavirus

Austin has been fortunate enough to be home to the McConaughey family for some time now. Matthew, Camila, and their three children are currently practicing social distancing at the McConaughey home in Austin and amazingly, the couple is still doing what they can to uplift people's spirits during this tough time. Camila took to Instagram live today for her first interactive fitness live stream and spoke with her followers about what they're doing from home as well as what she and her family are doing as well. 

Camila started off her live stream today by suggesting to viewers, "What about if we all just take a walk together and I can then have you guys join in to chat one on one." 

She promoted Just Keep Living's charity efforts throughout the live chat, encouraging others to "make a difference and help those that are in need right now."

There's no arguing that it takes a special person to be considerate of others these days, and Camila certainly fits the bill.

Camila answered a call from Narcity and asked, "Do you have any tips or suggestions for people your age right now? How to stay connected with your friends?"

We had just the answer for her! One that she hopefully shares with her family and friends at some point today.

Netflix Party, a feature that, thanks to the streaming service, allows you and your friends to watch Netflix together from your respective homes was our helpful response. 

"I am going to be using that!" said Camila, enthusiastically.

Both her and Matthew have taken to Instagram in the past week to share their thoughts and feelings over the coronavirus.

Their words of wisdom are definitely keeping us going right now. And it's nice to know that for Texans, they're not that far away!

When asked how she's been dealing with staying entertained at home, Camila responded that she's "just trying to keep everyone busy, trying to keep everyone in their minds, and even getting the kids a little bored so they can figure out things themselves."

You're doing amazing sweetie!

If you're interested in donating to her and her husband's charity to help those in desperate need during these trying times, you can visit her personal website or the Just Keep Living website.

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