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A New Instagrammable Art Exhibit Is Coming to Austin This Fall

Wonderspaces is coming to Austin with the coolest interactive exhibits.
A New Instagrammable Art Exhibit Is Coming to Austin This Fall

There are many interactive art exhibits all over Texas but a new one coming to Austin this fall might change the way you see them. Wonderspaces is a new interactive art exhibit that was created to bring people together through color, lights, sounds and the most gorgeous photo ready sets.

The exhibit was curated to be a "window into the mind of an artist" and by having guests interact with the colorful, fun art, the message can be spread better. The goal of Wonderspaces is not only to share great art but also to bridge the gap between artists and the experiences of their audience. The exhibit has everything from glowing lights to funky sculptures and even a crazy virtual reality experience!

Currently, the exhibit has two shows one called “Point of View” and the other “Elsewhere.” It is yet to be known which of the two will be coming to Austin but both are very Instagram worthy. Some of the amazing installations you might find at the exhibit include a “dinner party” where visitors will sit at a real dinner table but they will wear VR helmets to make everything extra exciting.

Other installations include a room with giant white screens projecting videos, lots of dangling lights and colors and a private space where visitors can write a message of words that they wish they could have said but never did.

Once you enter the exhibit, you may stay as long as you like but you must show up at least 15 minutes before the time slot on your ticket.

Tickets for the exhibit are $15 to $20 and they do offer a discount with student ID. Once you’re there, you’re more than welcome to take as many pictures as you’d like however don’t try to shoot an entire music video or take your tripod as those things are strictly prohibited.

To keep updated on Wonderspaces, you can visit their website here. Their location will be at 1205, Sheldon Cove, Austin, TX 78753. They do not have an exact opening date yet, but we reached out to Wonderspaces and they revealed they will be opening this Fall.

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