The 'Supernatural' Stars Are Super-Dading Their Way Through Isolation In Austin

They're the cutest dads around.
Celebrities Practicing Social Distancing In Austin Include Jared & Jensen From Supernatural

While it may be difficult to accept, practicing social distancing is more crucial now than ever before. Celebrities across the globe are sharing how they've been spending time with their quarantine buddies, who often are their families. Celebrities practicing social distancing in Austin include Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who have taken this time to show off their adorable dad skills.

Jared and Jensen have obviously shared a great deal of time together, but what many don't know is that it happens both on and off-screen!

This off-screen friendship led to Jared convincing Jensen to buy a home in Austin , not far from him.

The Supernatural stars are now spending time in their respective Austin homes , and we're lucky enough to be getting a glimpse at how they spend their time away from filming, and in the midst of a pandemic.

One of Jared's three children, Odette, celebrated her third birthday just yesterday. And although they probably weren't celebrating as per usual, it looks as though the Padalecki family was all smiles regardless.

As for Jensen, he shared a video of him and one of his daughters singing and playing guitar on IG live and later posted the video to his feed. Cuties!

Jared captioned his photo of him and his daughter Odette on her third birthday with a thoughtful and beautiful message.

Acknowledging the coronavirus, he started the caption off with "Baby girl. Even with all of this craziness going on, you still manage to smile so big and so true."

At the end of the caption, he wished his daughter a happy birthday and the comments on the photo are now flooded with emotional fans.

In Jensen's video with his daughter, it's clear the two are having a great time sharing each other's company as well as a song.

Jensen started his caption off by saying "Keepin our spirits up while we’re on lockdown."

In reference to the song they sang, he added that "Our tables will be crowded again soon and we’ll all have a place around the fire."

Following the caption, Jensen used the hashtags #quarantine and #flattenthecurve to hopefully bring awareness to what's happening in our world today.

It looks like these two have a lot in common, including looking out for their families during this tough time.