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There Will Be 800 Brand New Jobs Opening At Amazon In Austin This Year

It was just announced that Amazon will be opening 800 new tech jobs in the city starting now!

If you were looking for an awesome new career in Austin, you may have just lucked out! It was just announced by Amazon on Thursday morning that they are opening around 800 new positions in Austin. According to CNBC, the new positions will likely be located at their newer offices located in North Austin at the Domain.

Amazon has been a major player in the tech industry in Austin for the past few years, bringing in more than one thousand jobs to residents here in the city. Now with over 800 new jobs being put up for grabs, Amazon will become one of the largest providers of jobs in the city!

The tech giant Amazon has been slowly increasing its size in the urban Texas city for the past 4 years and has invested a lot into their offices and initiatives there. Having recently purchased the massive grocery chain Whole Foods, it makes sense that Amazon would continue to invest staying and growing in Austin since that is where the Whole Foods headquarters is located as well.

This is great news for hundreds of workers in Austin who are ready to upgrade from their current jobs to a new, fresh one with a worldwide reputable and successful tech giant. It is also fantastic news for all of the impressive local UT graduates, along with other great nearby Texas universities, who have gotten their degrees in a tech-related field. 

Amazon stated that they were specifically looking for employees in the fields of software and hardware engineering, research science, and cloud computing. They will surely also be hiring in other departments as needed during the great expansion in the city.

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You can find a list of Amazon's open positions on their website here. Keep your eyes open for their expansive new list of openings that will be popping up this year!