Shopping for houses can get expensive fast and depending on just how expensive they get, it's easy to get discouraged. When looking for your next home, tiny homes in Texas are fairly easy to come by and are incredibly well priced. In fact, there's one company with listings that have been built from the ground up with some of the most gorgeous interiors you can find in The Lone Star State.

Utopian Villas works out of Spicewood, Texas which is just a short drive away from Austin.

Austin is already a popular city to move to, and the tiny homes produced from Utopian Villas make it that much more so. 

You'll have a wide array of luxury tiny homes to choose from, as well as travel trailers and retail or commercial tiny homes.

Their luxury tiny homes range from 300 to 400 square feet of space for you to live in and there are even customizable options to help fit your needs. 

The best part, however, is how affordable these homes are. Starting prices range from about $84,000 to $128,000 on their website. Cha-ching!

The Denali, The Zion, The Magnolia, and The Homestead are just a few of the intricate home designs that stand out.

To check them all out, you can visit their website here where all of their tiny house models are listed.

Features such as vaulted ceilings, tons of storage space, a “spa”-like shower experience, Sea-Gull LED lighting, and more come in each home.

If you're picturing a small space (it's understandable why you would), you'd be wrong. Some models come with an upstairs loft, high ceilings, and even front and back porches. 

You'll be able to have full-blown cookouts! They're considered "luxury" for a reason, after all.

There's truly no better home to pack up your bags and move to than these.

Utopian Villas

Price: 💸💸💸

Address: 109 Parr Ave., Spicewood, TX 78699

Description: These luxury tiny homes for sale near Austin are ideal for anyone looking to save and live largely. Despite the physical size, of course.

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