Going camping somewhere off the grid sounds extremely romantic, but can also be pretty scary if you're somewhere you're not too familiar with. Thankfully, Texas is filled with places to stay that make you feel like you're in a whole different country when really, you haven't gone far at all. Red Rock has the perfect secluded nature paradise near Austin for you and your boo. You won't ever want to leave!

Glamping Hub has a listing for a Secluded Safari Tent that's only $89.88 per night to stay in! That's less than $45 per person - way cheaper than a random hotel in the city. There's an adorable queen-size bed inside and plenty of room to store your things. If for whatever reason you need to cancel, just give the owners a heads up 7 days in advance and you'll get a full refund. How sweet!

Once you venture outside, you'll notice an amazing deck, picnic table and fire pit on the property perfect for a night of s'mores and story-telling. To make your stay even better, there are the cutest Nigerian Dwarf goats being cared for on the property that you can visit! If that doesn't give you the feeling that you're out in the wild, we don't know what will. 

If you're looking to leave your oasis and venture to nearby cities, you won't be disappointed. There's plenty to do in Austin or Bastrop which are both just a short drive away. Whether you're looking to cool off in a river or go explore some of the most Insta-worthy locations, these cities have it all. Pack your bags now and plan a stay at this home away from home.

Secluded Safari Tent

Price: 💸

Address: Red Rock, Texas

Why you need to go: The amount of chances you'll get to spend the night near Nigerian Dwarf goats is probably slim to none. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity, we only live once after all!