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This New Austin Bakery Has The Best Cookies On Planet Earth

The new Tiny's Milk and Cookies is finally opened in Austin.

If you haven't been to Tiny's Milk and Cookies yet, you are missing out on the best pastries and desserts of your life. The walk up coffee shop and bakery just opened in central Austin and they are serving the best cookies in the world along with a variety of heavenly pastries, cinnamon rolls, ice creams, coffees and more. Tiny's is the best place in Austin to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Though the bakery may be cute and small, the menu at Tiny's is absolutely loaded with options. You can choose from a list of cookies, breakfast items, pastries, donuts, and cinnamon rolls to fill you up in the sweetest way. Their top specialty food item is their famous chocolate chip cookie. If you stop by the new Tiny's, which you absolutely should, you need to order a cookie and see for yourself how amazing they are. (And ask for it to be warmed up!)

They also serve a variety of delicious and unique ice cream flavors. Their classic Milk and Cookies ice cream is their house specialty cookies mixed in a gourmet vanilla ice cream, so that flavor is a must-try. They also have fresh strawberry, chocolate brownie, honey lavender, mint, birthday cake and more. 

You should stop by for one of Tiny's Milk and Cookies fantastic coffees. They offer their customers a classic drip coffee, espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more. They flavor their coffees in the best way with their house-made flavored syrups and a variety of milks.

The fantastic bakery and coffee shop serves up the best treats and drinks in the city, and at a reasonable price. The cookies and pastries go from $2-$5 each and coffee drinks are listed at $3-$5 a cup. 

Their shop is adorable and small, built to look like a beautiful white wooden barn with a modern kick. If you fancy picking up a vanilla latte and a chocolate croissant but want to hang around a beautiful outdoor garden to enjoy it, you can head next door to their partner restaurant. The new Tiny's Milk and Cookies is located next to a full sized restaurant from the same chain as them called Tiny Boxwoods, which offers a large menu of brunch, lunch and dinner meals that are also to die for. 

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Tiny's Milk and Cookies is located at 1515 W 35th Street Building C in Austin, TX 78703. Be sure to check it out!