Austin's Hosting The City's Largest 'Day Of The Dead' Parade This Fall

And it's totally free!
Austin's Hosting The City's Largest 'Day Of The Dead' Parade This Fall

Dia De Los Muertos is an exciting holiday for many people. While most holidays celebrate the living, there are very few that celebrate the dead. This year the holiday falls on Thursday, October 31 through November 2, and the weekend before our favorite city will be giving the dead the party they deserve. The biggest Day of the Dead parade and festival in Austin is just around the corner and we're counting down the days until it's here!

The annual Viva la Vida Parade and Festival is taking place Saturday, October 26 for the 36th year in a row! Us Texans clearly take tradition pretty seriously. The parade this and every year is massive and will begin staging at 9 a.m. and launch at 12 p.m. Mexic-Arte Museum has the full map of where the parade is taking place on their website, so you know exactly where to go. 

The festival will go on till 6 p.m. on 4th and Congress. There, you'll listen to music by Latin Freestyle Records and dance all day long. There'll also be a costume contest, a performance by Aztec dancers and Ballet Folklorico, and more. Start figuring out what your costume is gonna look like ASAP! We know everyones will be extravagent and beautiful. 

The food vendors will also be absolutely out of this world. That's right, food! Cool Beans, Hay Elotes, and Taco Sweets are just some of the vendors that are stopping offering delicious eats.

If this event is something that interests you and you're not in the Austin area, no worries! Dallas and San Antonio are having one near them this year, as well. You'll be able to celebrate one of the most incredible holidays no matter what. 

36th Annual Viva la Vida Parade & Festival

Price: Free!

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 419 Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78701

Why you need to go: This is going to be the biggest Day of the Dead parade the city has ever seen! You have to experience the love and culture everyone will be showing off this day. 


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