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This Hidden City In Central Texas Has Incredible Scenic Views And Wildlife

It's never-ending beauty!
This Hidden City In Central Texas Has Incredible Scenic Views And Wildlife

Have you ever been driving around and all of the sudden a longhorn is in your rearview mirror? If you haven't experienced this before, you're truly missing out. More than likely it's because you've never been to Willow City, a place deep in the Texas Hill Country practically made for adventures. Get your GPS and your playlists ready and be prepared for quite a few yee-haws.

Road trips are deeply disappointing when there's a lack of scenic views. Luckily the Texas Hill Country is known for it's gorgeous landscape any way you're coming from. Willow City does not disappoint when it comes to scenery, in fact, it beats almost anywhere in Texas. There's bluebonnets, longhorns, cows, fields of greenery, and so much more. 

Once you've arrived in Willow City prepare to feel more Texan than ever. On your right will be longhorns, and on your left will be fields of bluebonnets. It's what you do while you're there that'll make the trip even better. The city is known for Harry's BBQ and Beer Joint which has the tastiest BBQ ever. There's constantly live music, plenty of room to sit and eat, and a great spot to play horseshoes! Yee-freaking-haw.

Willow City is near Fredericksburg with plenty to do such as visit the stunning Enchanted Rock, and great spots to spend the night if you want to experience more of the city or surrounding areas in the morning. There's plenty to do and see while you're out and about. Why road trip anywhere else? We really couldn't tell you. 

Willow City, Texas

Price: 💸

Address: Willow City, Texas 78624

Why you need to go: Texas is filled with beauty, and the Hill Country has the best of the best. You'll leave with a new appreciation for everything the Lone Star State has to offer. 


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