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Wimberley Texas Has A Yurt Glamping Experience Unlike Any Other

We all know the feeling of needing an escape from reality, but don't always want to do it alone. Who better to take along for the ride than your BFF and where better to go than Wimberley, Texas? A yurt glamping experience in the city is the perfect place to stay for a night... or several.

Yurtopia, located in Wimberley, Texas, not far from Austin, is the perfect BFF getaway.

You and your bestie will get to relax, unplug, and enjoy gorgeous views of the Texas Hill Country during your stay at Yurtopia.

There are three yurts to choose from if you're planning your stay: the Lena Ger, Becca Ger, and Sasha Ger.

All three yurts range from $210 to $400 per night and fit one to two people.

While the three yurts may look similar from the outside, each offers something unique from the other.

For example, Lena Ger is home to the most adorable cat named Zuzu. She's not allowed inside the yurt, though she's known to cuddle if you spend some time outside.

Becca Ger has the best view of the three and Sasha Ger is the most private.

You may decide to take your boo to Yurtopia rather than your BFF, which is also a great way to spend some quality time with them.

Each yurt fits one to two people, but remember, it's cheaper if there's two.

In each yurt, you can expect a king or queen-sized bed, private bathrooms, an outdoor shower, a rooftop deck, hammocks, and much more.

You'll have everything you need and then some.

There's never been a better time to plan your stay at Yurtopia, because, drum roll please, they're having a sale!

From now until February 13 you can get 20% off your booking if you're planning a stay between Sunday and Thursday.

Get whoever you'd like to take to Yurtopia on the phone ASAP, it's a must stay. 

Yurtopia Wimberley

Price Per Night: $210 - $400

Address: 630 Winn Ranch Rd., Wimberley, TX

Why You Need To Go: This is truly the glamping experience of a lifetime, and it's perfect whether you want to get away with your BFF or by yourself.

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