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You Can Eat Unlimited Wings At This Massive Wing Festival In Austin This Month

Chicken wings are by far one of the most mouthwatering things you can order off any menu. Austin is known for having delicious wings almost anywhere you go out to eat, so it's only natural that the city would be home to a massive wing fest. Coming to Austin this Sunday, June 30th is Wing-A-Rama, an annual chicken wing festival in its third year! And it's going to be better than ever. 

Since the last two times Wing-A-Rama has been in town, they've upgraded their location and they've found the coolest place to consume as many wings as your heart can handle. The Republic Square Park in downtown Austin is the new spot for this famous wing fest and easily accessible for loads of people to stop by. Come one, come all! The more people searching for the world's greatest chicken wing, the better. 

From 1 PM - 5 PM you can be part of the group who chooses the world's greatest chicken wing, which means you get to taste the best one... and every single other one that's there! Many of the vendors that came to the last two fests will be back again, including last years people's champion Wingzup Bar and Grill. We'll see if they take the crown home once again, or if it's a competing newcomer! Let's just focus on eating all the wings for now, though. 

Not only do you get to sample wings all day long, you also get to be part of a flaming hot chicken wing-eating contest! Prices to get into the fest range from $30 to $100 depending on if you want GA or VIP (Very Imporant chicken-wing-eating Person). VIP will get you tons of extra, fun stuff including early entrance. If there's anything you want to be at a chicken wing fest, it's early!


Price: 💸 to 💸💸

Cuisine: The best wings around! 

Address: 422 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701

Why you need to go: There's no better way to consume wings than at a massive wing fest. If spicy is right down your alley then the flaming hot chicken wing-eating contest is a must while you're there!


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